The Big Smile Corporate Dental Health Check Up Programme Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

When your organization becomes a Corporate Partner to THE BIG SMILE™ DENTAL CLINIC, it means the family of every employee can potentially save money a year and keep up best dental health.

The TBS Corporate Program benefits your business by:

  • Encouraging healthy employees, which is linked to business efficiency
  • Promoting a family culture at the business by extending the program to include family members
  • Rewarding employees for their loyalty and hard work
  • Adding to your offer package when attracting, hiring and retaining new employees to the business

Who is covered?

The TBS Corporate Dental program covers

  • Employees
  • Employees spouse
  • Employees children
  • Employee’s parents/in-laws.

Employee Benefits: 

  • Free complete body check-up and oral health check-up once in a year
  • 15% discount on all the treatments
  • Free dental consultation round the year
  • Digital maintenance of oral health records
  • Currently we have 3 locations in Ahmadabad which are located in prime locations which facilitates easy access from anywhere in Ahmadabad
  • No waiting time
  • EMI payment facilities
  • Top most priority will be given for the treatment
  • Audio – Visual Education On Oral Health Maintenance

Other Benefits

  • We have introduced a 999 INR corporate card which covers
    • Free consultation,
    • Free intra-oral IOPA x-ray,
    • 2 Free prophylaxis scaling
    • 1 free root canal treatment.
  • The card will be having company’s name and logo printed on it and will be specifically used by company employees and their families

How to become a TBS Corporate Health Check Up Programme Partner

The process for becoming a TBS Corporate Health Checkup Programme Partner is simple.

  1. Fill out the below form and mention interested TBS Corporate Health Checkup Programme partner
  2. TBS Corporate Health Check Up Programme Partner representative will contact you with an agreement
  3. Provide us with standard company details and logo
  4. We return the signed agreement
  5. We will prepare all the necessary communications collateral and information for employees.
  6. Inauguration date will be discussed with you and Launch the program TBS Health Check Up Programme


Please send your details For TBS Corporate Health Checkup Programme Partner




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